Midsummer, or should I say midwinter, came and passed with the pouring rain. A trip to IKEA made things slightly more festive as the food section did a very good job in stilling the hunger for Swedish food. I bought some salt liquorice, cardamom flavoured crisp rolls, pickled herring and two tubes of Kalles Kaviar which basically is smoked roe in a tube. I prefer it eaten with boiled and so I did once I got home along with the herring. The only thing that was missing was a couple of slices of my mother’s home made dark dye bread (Kavring).




I’ve been in Australia for about three months now and this was the first time that missed Sweden and mostly my friends and family. And I think my liver wondered what was going on, not having to deal with way too much alcohol to handle for one weekend.

Down below is a picture of some missed friends.


Lights in the dark

There’s a light festival going on in downtown right now. It’s not all as psychedelic as the photo below.


The Opera House was beautifully lit up by a giant projector changing colors and patterns every 30 second or so.


A good shot of me and Mike in the house of mirrors.


I need to get a real camera.

Lost trolleys and a new job

In our hip inner-west suburb, Marrickville, there’s a big shopping mall called Marrickville Metro. While it’s very nice to be able to walk back forth to do grocery shopping and all that, there’s one thing that is less great about having so close. Namely the problem with people leaving their shopping trolleys everywhere besides where they should be. Walking through Enmore Park which is situated between us and the Metro you almost always find trolleys nicely lined up on the paved path. And if not there, then anywhere else in the area.



The container from France long at last arrived in Sydney last weekend. We still have to wait a couple of more weeks until it reaches its final destination. We’re both itching to have our stuff back and to sleep in our bed again. It’s been since the end of February back on the farm when we did it last. Munson, however, couldn’t care less about a bed to sleep on. He’s happy to sleep wherever, as long as he can keep us under supervision.

Munson in the corridor

In other news, I finally got a full time job this week. My new job is at a kitchen retail store called Victoria’s Basement.  In the past I have only searched for jobs online but this time I walked into the store and simply asked if they were hiring while handing them my resume. I was called in the next day for an interview and a couple of hours after they rang again to let me know that I had gotten the vacant slot. I have no past experience in retail but with some training I think I’ll do just fine. It sure as hell going to feel good to have a secure income again.