Is this thing still on?

It’s been a very long time since I last updated my blog. Not because nothing’s happened, I just haven’t gotten around to it, that’s all.

The most obvious thing that’s happened was that Munson was diagnosed with cancer. After the verdict fell it all went very quick and he came out of surgery without a lump on his back leg. The also shaved off the fur on his leg so it looked more like a chicken leg for a while before it grew back again.

On a more exciting note, my sister Isabel and her boyfriend Calle stayed with us last week. They are doing a world wide trip and their second destination after South Korea was to go to Sydney and then drive up along the coast all the way to Cairns. I hadn’t seen her since just before I left Sweden back in March so it was wonderful to see her again. The chance to meet a family member other than Mike and Munson doesn’t come as often now that I live in Sydney! I took two days off to spend time with them and while I hadn’t planned much beforehand I think we did a good job in doing interesting things. For example, I took them into the city to see the Botanical Gardens which is truly amazing during this time of the year. When the time came to say hello we both cried like babies, but what else would we have done?


Somewhere in between all of this, Mike has continued to take me to daytrips to different places in and out of Sydney. The most memorable was when we drove west of Sydney to The Blue Mountains. And just to make things clear, there are no ‘’blue’’ mountains, they only appear to be in that colour because of the oil which comes from the eucalyptus in the area. I took this photo from one of the many lookout posts around the mountains. On the left down corner you can see a group of pillars called ‘’The three sisters’’.


While autumn is on it’s way back in Europe, spring, (or more like summer) have arrived to Sydney. And it brought a lot of beautiful flowers. My mother taught me well to appreciate whatever you can grow in a garden and it’s been very exciting for me to discover so many new flowers which I’ve never seen before. But I did actually stumble across a very typical flower you’d see in Sweden and it was the Forget-me-not. DSCN2305


A sunny day by the sea

It was Sunday morning and after a big breakfast Mike suggested that we would drive out to Coogee which is in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. While I had been to Bondi and Bronte beach earlier, I had never been to Coogee before yesterday. We parked close to the beach and let Munson had a quick run at the off leach doggie park before we slowly walked along the ocean. We passed two sea pools, one open to everyone and one only for women.  The tiny island you can see below is called Wedding Cake Island, don’t ask me why.


After a rather disappointing coffee we drove 10 min up the coast to the tiny peninsula of Clovelly. It’s basically just a big parking lot surrounded by rocks shaped by the ocean.

Coogee etc1

We walked around for good 30 minutes or so and made sure to breath in as much fresh air coming from the ocean as possible before we returned to our inner west.


Everything is in its right place..

  …Well, almost. We still have a few boxes sitting around waiting to be unpacked. But most of them either contains DVD’s or books, otherwise everything seems to float to its right place, fast or slow. The coffee machine is on repair and even if we probably have the best coffee shop in Sydney just around the corner, it’ll still be very nice to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee without having to pay 3,5 dollars (ca 23 kr) for every cup. For a couple of days we thought that the SONOS sound system had lost its way somewhere along the way from France but Mike found it in a box the other day.

This is how most of the house is looking at the moment


Pictures of boxes in a corridor isn’t very exciting so I’d like to share this street art of a dalmatian I came across last weekend. I think it looks really cool.


Lost trolleys and a new job

In our hip inner-west suburb, Marrickville, there’s a big shopping mall called Marrickville Metro. While it’s very nice to be able to walk back forth to do grocery shopping and all that, there’s one thing that is less great about having so close. Namely the problem with people leaving their shopping trolleys everywhere besides where they should be. Walking through Enmore Park which is situated between us and the Metro you almost always find trolleys nicely lined up on the paved path. And if not there, then anywhere else in the area.



The container from France long at last arrived in Sydney last weekend. We still have to wait a couple of more weeks until it reaches its final destination. We’re both itching to have our stuff back and to sleep in our bed again. It’s been since the end of February back on the farm when we did it last. Munson, however, couldn’t care less about a bed to sleep on. He’s happy to sleep wherever, as long as he can keep us under supervision.

Munson in the corridor

In other news, I finally got a full time job this week. My new job is at a kitchen retail store called Victoria’s Basement.  In the past I have only searched for jobs online but this time I walked into the store and simply asked if they were hiring while handing them my resume. I was called in the next day for an interview and a couple of hours after they rang again to let me know that I had gotten the vacant slot. I have no past experience in retail but with some training I think I’ll do just fine. It sure as hell going to feel good to have a secure income again.

Dee Why

These two pictures down below were taken last week when we visited Mike’s uncle and his wife in Dee Why which is a fancy neighbourhood in north Sydney. On our way there we stopped at one of the few dog beaches in Sydney. But since Munson was (and still is) in quarantine there was not much to do until I noticed the tiny crabs occupying the rocky sands. I remember myself as a very good crab fisher when I was young and I was pleased to find out that those certain skills haven’t forsaken me. These crabs were very fast and tended to run and hide in the tiny holes they had dug in the sand.

IMG_8415 - Kopia

Mike’s uncle, Llyn, took us for a walk around the Long Reef Golf Course which is situated on a peninsula not far from Dee Why. As we arrived to the beach I asked Mike why the water was in a reddish colour close to the shore and he simply answered that the sharks must have killed a couple of surfers recently. I chose to ignore that answer and let the conversation slip.

IMG_8421 - Kopia

Since I’ve been ranting about how how I didn’t like the Australian beer very much Jean, my ex neighbour in France, suggested that I would review a Australian beer every now and then. She also suggested a beer that she liked, Tooheys Old, which I decided to do my first review on.

The beer came in a 0,75 L bottle, 4,4%, just more than enough to get me through a standard meal. As I’m a big fan of dark beer I had good hopes for this one and it didn’t let me down. It’s not the kind of dark beer where you feel that you’re done and can move on to another sort, such as Guinness, but one you can have a few of in the same evening. To explain further, it wasn’t a creamy kind of beer. I don’t remember the exact price I’m guessing around 4-5 dollars for a bottle which isn’t that bad considering the amount of liquid you get. I will probably buy this beer again but there are many other beers to try!


More from Sydney

Since I last wrote we’ve been visiting Munson who had to celebrate his 5th birthday in quarantine but he was happy as ever and enjoyed the chewy rawhide we brought him.


After we had left Munson we went and had lunch at Bread & Circuses and it felt as if we had died and gone to hipster heaven. My overall impression of the cafes and restaurants we’ve been at so far is that they are trying to set up some sort of organic, gluten & fat free image.

Anyways, after the lunch I bought a pair of boots for work before we headed to Ikea to purchase some new kitchen ware since our container has been delayed for another 5-6 weeks. While we’ll need more than just kitchen ware for an empty house at least we’ll be able to eat.  Before exiting I convinced Mike to buy two bottles of Swedish Påskmust. I’m not sure how to explain it to people who’ve never tried it but all you need to know is that it’s delicious. And yes, ít’s very festive.

Fish swimming in the pavement at Woolloomooloo bay.


Our friend Ben and his girlfriend Leah swung by Sydney for a few days and we decided to take them for a spin around across Sydney. The weather gods wasn’t on our side that day but experiencing a desolated Bondi beach with crashing waves was pretty cool.


At last, I snapped this while we were standing on the bridge crossing Parsley Bay, which is quite a secluded small beach. We had a swim in the rain here during our first week in Sydney.