Everything is in its right place..

  …Well, almost. We still have a few boxes sitting around waiting to be unpacked. But most of them either contains DVD’s or books, otherwise everything seems to float to its right place, fast or slow. The coffee machine is on repair and even if we probably have the best coffee shop in Sydney just around the corner, it’ll still be very nice to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee without having to pay 3,5 dollars (ca 23 kr) for every cup. For a couple of days we thought that the SONOS sound system had lost its way somewhere along the way from France but Mike found it in a box the other day.

This is how most of the house is looking at the moment


Pictures of boxes in a corridor isn’t very exciting so I’d like to share this street art of a dalmatian I came across last weekend. I think it looks really cool.



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