Better late than ever our furniture finally arrived yesterday morning. We got up early to do some last minute tidying while eagerly waiting for the truck with the container to arrive.

Calm before the storm

The truck arrived on a somewhat schedule time at 08.30 and we weren’t lazy at getting things from the container and into the house. Since Mike clearly is the one with most experience in moving he took the responsibility in making sure every single box was carried to its right place in the house while I started to unwrap everything from paintings to the bed frame. And it was with precaution that I unwrapped our precious Moomin mugs.


I’d say that the movers carried out about 25 boxes full of books from the container. One of the movers asked Mike if he had read them all….Maybe one day he will.

It was truly great to get all the stuff back again and I’m glad that it doesn’t feel as if we are camping in our own house anymore. As I haven’t been playing my PS3 since we left the farm my fingers were itching a little bit to sit down and play for a while but sadly somewhere along the way our TV decided kick the bucket. It isn’t really the end of the world, I barely any time to play videogames anymore and there were things that I had missed more than it, such as the bed, cookware and somewhere to sit and relax besides the chair next to the borrowed picnic table.


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