Boat Harbour Beach

During the past weekend we were invited by an old friend of Mike to meet him at an off leash beach just slightly south of Sydney, and this is what happened:

I lifted numerous stones searching for crabs, and although I found a few they looked very ugly compared to this dead one. I had never seen anything like it!


Mike did the Y.M.C.A dance.


When he wasn’t in the water, Munson was busy digging holes or rolling around in the sand.


I saw a giant pelican. Before last weekend I had never seen one but on tv, and now I’ve seen two! Standing like that, it didn’t seem very big, but once it spread its wings to fly off it was obvious that that wasn’t the case.


It sat on a little stone for about 20 minutes before it left.


All in all, it was a beautiful day.



Going off the grid

Just in time for the Eurovision finale last weekend we took our rented car and headed out of Sydney and up north to visit friends. Before I got there I new that it would be somewhat remote but I didn’t expect it to be totally off the radar. It took some time for the brain to process but while there, it was no biggie. I tried to get a good photo of the house but it proved to be more difficult than expected since it was surrounded by lots and lots of vegetation. See for yourselves.


The absolute highpoint of the visit was when our hosts took us for a walk in the nearby forest on Saturday. Big parts of the area used to be under water and therefore, wherever you looked you found fossils. While me and Mike turned every other stone, Munson was enjoying himself running around and feeling as free and happy as a dog can be. He eventually found a pond which he half drenched to quench his thirst. My Photo Stream

The vegetation of the forest was a new experience for me as it totally differs from what we have in Sweden. There were thousands of different Gumtrees, Wild Passionfruit and Mahoganytrees, but the one that really caught my eye was the Grasstree which starts from being a little shrub to grow to a 4 meter tall tree. The fully grown to the right was expected to be over 70 years old.

My Photo Stream2