Dee Why

These two pictures down below were taken last week when we visited Mike’s uncle and his wife in Dee Why which is a fancy neighbourhood in north Sydney. On our way there we stopped at one of the few dog beaches in Sydney. But since Munson was (and still is) in quarantine there was not much to do until I noticed the tiny crabs occupying the rocky sands. I remember myself as a very good crab fisher when I was young and I was pleased to find out that those certain skills haven’t forsaken me. These crabs were very fast and tended to run and hide in the tiny holes they had dug in the sand.

IMG_8415 - Kopia

Mike’s uncle, Llyn, took us for a walk around the Long Reef Golf Course which is situated on a peninsula not far from Dee Why. As we arrived to the beach I asked Mike why the water was in a reddish colour close to the shore and he simply answered that the sharks must have killed a couple of surfers recently. I chose to ignore that answer and let the conversation slip.

IMG_8421 - Kopia

Since I’ve been ranting about how how I didn’t like the Australian beer very much Jean, my ex neighbour in France, suggested that I would review a Australian beer every now and then. She also suggested a beer that she liked, Tooheys Old, which I decided to do my first review on.

The beer came in a 0,75 L bottle, 4,4%, just more than enough to get me through a standard meal. As I’m a big fan of dark beer I had good hopes for this one and it didn’t let me down. It’s not the kind of dark beer where you feel that you’re done and can move on to another sort, such as Guinness, but one you can have a few of in the same evening. To explain further, it wasn’t a creamy kind of beer. I don’t remember the exact price I’m guessing around 4-5 dollars for a bottle which isn’t that bad considering the amount of liquid you get. I will probably buy this beer again but there are many other beers to try!



5 thoughts on “Dee Why

  1. Do you remember Bianca & Graeme who were at my 50th? Graeme grew up on Pittwater Rd overlooking the Long Reef Golf Course…

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