More from Sydney

Since I last wrote we’ve been visiting Munson who had to celebrate his 5th birthday in quarantine but he was happy as ever and enjoyed the chewy rawhide we brought him.


After we had left Munson we went and had lunch at Bread & Circuses and it felt as if we had died and gone to hipster heaven. My overall impression of the cafes and restaurants we’ve been at so far is that they are trying to set up some sort of organic, gluten & fat free image.

Anyways, after the lunch I bought a pair of boots for work before we headed to Ikea to purchase some new kitchen ware since our container has been delayed for another 5-6 weeks. While we’ll need more than just kitchen ware for an empty house at least we’ll be able to eat.  Before exiting I convinced Mike to buy two bottles of Swedish Påskmust. I’m not sure how to explain it to people who’ve never tried it but all you need to know is that it’s delicious. And yes, ít’s very festive.

Fish swimming in the pavement at Woolloomooloo bay.


Our friend Ben and his girlfriend Leah swung by Sydney for a few days and we decided to take them for a spin around across Sydney. The weather gods wasn’t on our side that day but experiencing a desolated Bondi beach with crashing waves was pretty cool.


At last, I snapped this while we were standing on the bridge crossing Parsley Bay, which is quite a secluded small beach. We had a swim in the rain here during our first week in Sydney.



One thought on “More from Sydney

  1. Tur att IKEA finns i närheten om du blir sugen på någon svensk smak.
    Du får kolla upp vad ett par RM Williams boots kostar, du vet sådana jag har. Dom görs ju i Australien.
    Fin bild på femåringen !
    Kramar mapa

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