Two dishes and a malamute

When Mike let the world, a.k.a facebook, know that we had arrived in Sydney a friend of mine was sitting at his Campus in Vancouver when he read the news. And he quickly let me know that he’d be arriving in Sydney in a couple of weeks to see his sister and to spend some time out in the sun, something that is considered a luxury where he had been for the past 4 months. So when I met up with him yesterday around lunchtime we immediately took the bus out to Bondi Beach. By the time we arrived we both felt in the mood for lunch so we went into the nearest cafe/restaurant. After skimming through the menu I ordered the kangaroo burger while Daniel settled for something less exotic, namely a chorizo burger. I was excited to see how kangaroo would taste but sadly I didn’t find the taste much different from regular hamburger meat. However, Mike later pointed out that kangaroo meat does best when cooked as steak and not minced. The servings you get here are quite large so the hamburger and fries filled us both up until the evening.


I celebrated my 25th birthday a couple of days ago and let Mike take me to his favourite indian restaurant. Served with rice,  I had beef curry, mango chicken and some sort of chick pea stove while Mike had butter chicken along with palak paneer which contains of spinach and cheese.


In other news, I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing and a woman’s voice letting me know that I had got a job. It’s located a 10 min walk from our house in Marrickville. My main tasks will be packing and unloading and I’m starting tomorrow.

I’ve posted two food related pictures already so I thought I’d break the pattern and show a picture of Sceolaun (Ske-lawn) which is the ten months old Malamute puppy we’re living with at the moment.



7 thoughts on “Two dishes and a malamute

  1. Roligt att du har fått jobb :)) Söt Malamute , nu dröjer det väl inte så länge tills Munson kommer hem till er. Kram

  2. Hej min vän, grattis till arbetet. vad ska du packa upp? Hon är söt men munson är rolig 🙂 kram

      • Lots of that yummy yoghurt? Well i am sure she is a good substitute in Munsons absence! He is halfway through his jail time! 😀

  3. I’m pleased to read that you’re enjoying your Australian adventure Gustav. The weather certainly looks super. I recall the food in Sydney being very good, although on the expensive side. Good luck with your new job.

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