Whenever we’re out on the streets we see people wearing thin and sometimes thick coats, and sometimes they even sport a scarf. They are dressed for what Australians call “autumn”. Yet, to me it’s just another day of summer,even if the sun shines or the rain is pouring down.
Speaking of which, it doesn’t drizzle as it does in Sweden, it’s either torrenting down or not raining at all.

Starting tomorrow we’re gonna stay with a fellow malamute owner in Newtown until we can move into the house in Marrickville. This mean there will be more walking and exploring which I don’t mind at all.

It surprises me that I haven’t yet to mention the miles high quality of the coffee you get here. And it’s not like you only have a couple of cafes to choose from, no, Sydney is almost overflowing with good places with its hipster baristas who’re happy to make you a large flatwhite. And I say, keep them coming!



2 thoughts on “Autumn?

  1. I was thinking the other day that I was actually cold already – even though it’s only April!

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