Just yogurt

During the almost 2 years I lived in France, one of the first things we would look for whenever we went to a big grocery store was yogurt. But since the french sortiment of yogurt didn’t exactly meet our standards we rarely bought it if we didn’t find the one brand that did. Mike used to tell me about how good the yogurt was in Australia and I could almost see a drop of drool hanging from his mouth everytime he would tell me about his favourite flavour, passion fruit.

So yesterday when we suddenly found ourselves in front of the yogurt section, he almost went straight for the mango & passion fruit flavoured yogurt while I settled with mango & blood orange. And wow, I’ve really been missing out.


A jar full of deliciousness.



One thought on “Just yogurt

  1. Ser väldigt smaskigt ut ! du får prova dej igenom sortimentet. Hoppas att dom inte kostar lika mycket som magnum glassen . Puss kram från mej o pappa .

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