First impressions of Sydney

We arrived at Sydney airport around 19.00 (local time) and my fears of getting stopped by the immigration people for having something suspicious on me were blown away as we basically just walked out of the airport in a matter of minutes after we had claimed our baggage. I might add that my fears were slightly exaggerated from watching Border Contol: Australian Front Line on youtube. We’re currently staying in Woolloomooloo, feel free to let that name sink in for a while. It’s located right in Sydney Harbour about a 20 min walk from The grand Opera House. Image

We started the day doing some laps at the excellent pool nearby and continued with brekkie (breakfast) at the adjoining cafe. Image

It didn’t take very long until I had my first encounter with a spider. This one was a Golden Orb spider, which is fairly harmless to humans to my relief. Australia’s wildlife is very impressive to say the least. Wherever you go you hear the sounds of birds which can only be found at a zoo or in a pet shop in Sweden. It’s pretty awesome!Image


2 thoughts on “First impressions of Sydney

  1. Låter som om du hade några riktigt trevliga första timmar i stan!! men vem ska nu dammsuga upp alla spindlar nu när storasyster är så långt bort? 😛

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