Goodbye to farmlife

We left the farm yesterday morning and It was a tearful goodbye. I’ve had a wonderful 1 1/2 years living on the farm and it’s safe to say that I’m gonna miss everything about it, especially our lovely neighbors! Living in a large city as Sydney where we’ll be in a couple of weeks, will be a huge contrast to the peacefulness that we shared on the farm.

Even if we’re now moving to the other side of the world, I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna put my feet in the green grass of Colorado, Sleepy Hollow or in the Soccerpitch sometime in the future.Image

I took this photo just before we went off. I was a little bit bugged afterwards when it hit me that I didn’t get my photo taken with the Curtises but if there’s anyone out there who’s good at photoshopping I’m sure it could be fixed.



As we left the farm and the Gers, its landscape gave us something neither me or Mike had witnessed earlier. To say the least, it was a beautiful goodbye.


5 thoughts on “Goodbye to farmlife

  1. ah. We miss you! Minty especially. Though, when I went in to do a little clean-up with Zélie, she ran around the villa saying, “Michael? Gutof?” Sad, but cute. I hope you’re enjoying Paris!!

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